Bisou delight!

Hi everyone! I know in my last review I said I would have more reviews coming but time and laziness got in the way. My apologies! Vanessa AKA Tink/Serendipity :D

I mostly wanted to try Bisou for their tubcakes. I ended up trying the tub cakes, soaps, shampoo and conditioner. When the items arrived the box filled my nose with wonderful delight. Unable to control myself I ripped open each product to get sniff. Everything smelled so good!!

I had to try the Blackberries N' Cream soap first! I ran a bath using 1/2 of the Blackberries N' Cream tubcake. The bathroom quickly filled with the smell of blackberries. I did not get many bubbles but the disappoint went away once I slipped into the tub. The smell of blackberries and sweet cream took over my senses. I used the soap in the tub and when I showered off. With the soap containing so many different oils I was worried that it would leave me greasy. I was left soft and well moisturized. It was a very nice luxurious bath.

In the shower I tried the solid shampoo in Cabana Boy and the conditioner in Cabana Boy. YUMMMY it smells like bananas and coconut. Cleanded and conditioned my hair with ease. I have to hide this from my son until I order more.

Here is a quick review of the other products.

Pink Cupcake and Cake tub cakes are sweet smells that reminds me of playing with my Strawberry shortcake dolls. They do not have that powerful smell as the Blackberries N' Cream but still put off a nice throw and give you a moisturizing bath.
The tubcakes are not always instock so be on the look out and order fast. Those babies do not last long when put up for sale!

Raspberries N' Violets soap has clean raspberry smell with just a hint of violets. The soap is moisturzing and makes me feel refreshed.

Bisou has wonderful customer service and great spa products. Be on the look out for the following scents in the soap:

"Mango Smoothes"
"Black Cherry"
"Lickety Split"
"Wild Plum"
"Coconut Cream Pie"
"Mandarin Martini"
"Sugar N Spice"
"Au Natural"